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Thread: iPhone strobe transmitter?

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    Re: iPhone strobe transmitter?

    Pere, thanks, Tric seems like it might be the "trick". If I understand correctly, the Tric unit fires a speedlight attached to its hot shoe. In principle it should also fire a PocketWizard, for example a Plus II unit. The unit also has a PC port, so it should work. It seems from the FCC notice in the manual, that connectivity between iPhone and Tric is via Bluetooth.

    This is what I am looking for. Now to find time to dabble with it!

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    Re: iPhone strobe transmitter?

    Tric does look interesting. It includes manual control of the iOS Phone. Which is obviously necessary. I sometimes use a couple older iOS camera apps with full manual.

    I'm sure you can adapt as necessary. I used a cheap intervalometer to run an SB 800 strobe 3 years ago. I needed a gobo to flash from my roof. Worked great. Plug and Play.

    Those Elwood domes come in handy.

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    Re: iPhone strobe transmitter?

    But finding a used/working radio slave on the auction site shouldn't be too much, and more straightforward to use...

    Steve K

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    Re: iPhone strobe transmitter?

    It has always been my understanding the the reason that strobes do not work with iPhone (or any mobile device), and also the reason that mobile device flashes are longer/lower intensity flashes that will not trigger strobes is that iPhones use a rolling shutter rather than a focal plane shutter (also why you get weird bendy propellers and other interesting images with mobile devices).

    Even though you can use the headphone jack to trigger a strobe, as trigger trap did (just not for the iPhone camera) the flash itself would be useless as the flash duration is far too short for the rolling shutter. You would end up with just a single band of potentially properly exposed image where the shutter happened to be scanning while the flash was fired, but the image as a whole would not be properly exposed.

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    Re: iPhone strobe transmitter?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pere Casals View Post
    This is cheaper $58 :
    I have been using the Tricflash and app with my iphone since it came out about two years ago. Works very well, but zooming is not supported, full frame with the normal lens only.

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