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Thread: Goodbye Acros Sheet Film

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    Re: Goodbye Acros Sheet Film

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Wiley View Post
    This amounts to a discontination of polyester sheet base, really. They've stopped making polyester chrome film too.
    Erm, both RVP's are both still on poly base, unless you are party to some confidential information to the contrary? Why RDPIII is still on thick triacetate is a question I'd love to know an answer to, but which we'll probably never be told...

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    Re: Goodbye Acros Sheet Film

    I suspect ACROS 120 is still safe for now, but given it's my main thing, I'm tempted to buy a small freezer (because tiny apartment) and stuff it full of as many pro-packs as possible just in case.
    So apparently my signature was full of dead links after a few years away...

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    Re: Goodbye Acros Sheet Film

    Quote Originally Posted by B.S.Kumar View Post

    The production of Acros in sheet sizes was discontinued some months ago. At that time, they announced that they expected stocks to last until May 2018. Obviously, people bought up all their stock much more quickly, and Fuji now has none. All the official distributors with whom I deal have no stock left. Fuji is expected to make one last 4x5 batch available in February, when my pending order will be fulfilled.

    Thanks, Kumar; disappointing news, indeed.

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    Re: Goodbye Acros Sheet Film

    I just bought a few boxes of 4x5 from B&H. I can't afford to spend the money but, oh well.

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    Re: Goodbye Acros Sheet Film

    Dang -- I knew I should have bought the 4 boxes of 8x10 ACROS100 I saw in Kyoto last month! I bought two 5-roll boxes of it in 120 instead. I was using 120 and had no good way to hold on to four 8x10 boxes while traveling! Nothing can be done...
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