We have been using an Epson 9880 (and 9800) to plot film positives for silkscreen. I tried a new bulk Matte Balck ink in our Epson 9880 that was not working for us. In changing back to the original ink we have been using, I ran a Power Cleaning. The printer keeps running the cycle, I raise and lower the ink levers, it gets to 50% then starts over, dumping ink all the way. I have powered down, power interrupted, waited 8 hours powered off. As it boots up it automatically starts the cleaning cycle again. When it runs out of ink, it asks for replacement carts, which we install, then starts the cycle again. I have entered the service mode(?) holding Center, Down , and Right buttons on boot up, when I leave, it starts the power cleaning cycle again.

Please, someone, help!
Is there any way to CANCEL a POWER CLEANING, do a hard reboot, or otherwise stop the cleaning cycle from starting when the printer boots up?

The Epson 9880 is very similar to the Epson 9800, if there is advice for either, I will happily take it!