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Thread: Location in Maine ?

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    Location in Maine ?

    Shall I leave from Italy to see the photographic Ansel Adams show to Bangor ME, then I wanted to know some location between Portland and Bar Harbor to do photographs, somebody can help me?

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    Location in Maine ?

    Bar Harbor is right next to Acadia national park, which has beautiful coastal locations:

    Winter Harbor is across the bay from Bar Harbor and has some old buildings.

    I was there a few weeks back and it was great, even thought it was very hot.

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    Location in Maine ?


    There are all sorts of places between Portland and Bar Harbor (or Bangor) that are photographically interesting.

    As Ed noted, Acadia National Park is next to Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island and full of landscape and nature study photo ops. Just before Mount Desert Island, on which Bar Harbor is located, on the mainland, is Schoodic Point. This is the only portion of Acadia that is on the mainland. It is also part of Winter Harbor (and Gouldsboro). If you go to Mount Dessert Island, be sure to drop into Northeast Harbor for some lobster stew. There's a tiny little place that has just amazing lobster stew; they put nearly a whole lobster in the bowl. I'm sorry, I can't think of the name, though.

    On Rt. 3 (or 1--they run together for a while), heading South from Bar Harbor, you'll find Fort Knox. I'm not sure if a tripod is allowed, but you may find interesting photo ops here. It's a state park now, but at one point was a defensive point along the Penobscot river. It was never engaged, however. Right here also is a great bridge to shoot, though the overlook is out of commision at the moment due a new bridge they are building.

    Moving down Rt1 and 3 (towards Portland) you'll come across Ellsworth, Belfast Rockland, Rockport Bath and Brunswick. Belfast and Rockland all have harbors that may have interesting things to shoot.

    The weekend after next in Auburn and Lewiston (1 1/2 hour or so down 495, the Maine Turnpike, from Bangor) there is the Great Falls Balloon Festival. Hot air balloons and lots of people. Lewiston is an old mill town and as such has a variety of old mill buildings in a range of decrepitude. Auburn's got a beautiful county building and a hideous new city hall. (You can see pics of these two cities one my website:

    You didn't give much direction with what you like to shoot. Drop me an e-mail, mikenmeyer at yahoo dot com, and I'd be happy to give some more suggestions that may interest you.


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    Location in Maine ?

    Stefano -

    The first portion of the drive north out of Portland is pretty commercial, so it's best to stay on I-95. But just north of Freeport, it's possible to get over to US-1, a major road that runs along the coast. From that point, you will be passing through a number of smallish towns - Bath, Wiscasset, Damarascotta, Thomaston, Rockport, Rockland, Camden, Belfast, and eventually on to Bar Harbor. All of these towns are quaint and interesting in the photographic sense. There are also a number of side roads that lead from US-1 eastward to the coast that you can explore. Some of the places I would suggest:

    - Boothbay Harbor is interesting, although a bit commercial
    - Pemaquid Light, east of Damarascotta, is a famous site for photography, but you definitely need to be prepared for fog in this area. Be prepared to pay to park.
    - Owl's Head Light, southeast of Rockland, is also very famous and is actually more approachable than Pemaquid. Parking is free, but you have to hike from the parking lot up to the lighhouse.
    - Another great place to visit outside Rockland that is often overlooked is Port Clyde. There is an interesting (and architecturally unique) lighthouse there with ample free parking. And you can take the ferry from there over to Monhegan Island, a famous artist's retreat. But recognize that the number of ferry trips each day is seriously limited - you probably should book a reservation on a morning ferry, and also on an afternoon return. When we were last there, there were no public restrooms on Monhegan. There are only one or two restaurants on the island, but they are equipped with facilities.
    - While in Rockland, be sure to visit the Farnsworth Museum. This is a very well respected art museum that has a fabulous collection of Wyeth paintings.
    - You are a photographer, so you will definitely want to stop in Rockport. The harbor area in the center of town is very nice, and the Maine Photographic Workshop has it's store ("The Resource") and gallery in Union Hall just above the harbor. You should also plan to visit Tim Whalen's Bookstore in Rockland, across the street from Union Hall. Tim specializes in books dealing with photography.
    - Ask someone in Rockport about the "back road" to Camden. This takes you past a dairy that has a neat herd of Belted Galloway cattle, and then by one of the most photogenic cemetaries anywhere.
    - Camden is a wonderful little town. The main downtown area is a bit commercial, but still very enjoyable. The harbor is very photogenic, and there are possibilities of cruises from the harbor. Cappy's is a neat little restaurant in downtown Camden where we always enjoy eating. Just west of Camden is Maine's only vinyard-affiliated winery. It's worth a visit just to say that you've been there. They offer free tastings. Their wines are decent although not exciting.
    - Belfast is an interesting commercial stop. A few interesting galleries along the main street.
    - About halfway between Belfast and Bar Harbor, at Bucksport, US-1 crosses a bridge over a river. Just before that bridge is a road to the left that leads to Fort Knox. This is a fortification that is in near-perfect condition, and they appear to love to have photographers visit. If you are taking a large camera with a tripod, its wise to get there early before the crowds.

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    Location in Maine ?

    Thanks for all your precious informations.I go in the maine to end September, I prevalently photograph landscapes.

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    Location in Maine ?

    The islands just off Mount Dessert are pretty photogenic. Bass Island Lighthouse is so nicely isolated and well maintained, it just begs to be in a picture.

    Islford has nice little galleries, Great Cranberry Island has many nice little coves and shore areas that are easily accesible. Both are accesible via a Mail boat ferry that leaves from Northeast Harbor (where you can get the Lobster stew Michael mentioned... probably at the "Docksider" restaraunt a few blocks up the road from the pier.)

    If you need shirts, etc. Stop in Freeport at the LL Bean store... then go a little further up to Lincoln Beach - it can be pretty, depending on weather, and even if it's not a great day, they have the best fried clams and fish chowder up there.

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    Location in Maine ?

    bring color film, maine will explode in color at the end of sept to the begining of octber.

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    Location in Maine ?

    Yes! Will, you're absolutely right. The Docksider is the place I'd been thinking of. I was there just a couple weeks ago. Fantastic. Thanks for helping out with the name.

    Another thought: out past Brunswick (via 295 from portland) is Lands End. It's just a small peninsula that ends with a rocky outcropping; on the way to it is Cook's Lobster house, which is somewhat picturesque and also has a good lobster stew; one of the country's (world's?) few remaining "dry stacked" stone bridges (I can't think of the actual term) and several pretty towns. Orr's Island or Bailey's Island is where you'll find Land's End; I can't think of which is which at the moment, but they're next to each other. There is a small hiking trail around the island that affords nice views and would be doable carrying your lf gear. Also, just off the island is a tiny rock island that is covered with a seal colony; it is viewable from the main island and may be photographable with a longer lens.

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    Location in Maine ?

    Just east of Bar Harbor at the end of the next penninsula is Schoodic Point. It's a fabulous place. I've spent days there. Takes about 30-45 minutes to get there from Bar Harbor, but worth it.

    Have a great trip!
    Bruce Barlow
    author of "Finely Focused" and "Exercises in Photographic Composition"

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