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Thread: Scanning with Imacon: FlexColor 3f File Question: Knowledgable Users Out There?

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    Scanning with Imacon: FlexColor 3f File Question: Knowledgable Users Out There?

    Hi there,

    I use a Precision III.
    I prefer not utilize FlexColor's image adjustment features. I simply open straight 3f scans in Photoshop to make my adjustments, then I save as TIFF. This has been working ok for me.

    I have been under the assumption that FlexColor settings do not matter when you do a 3f scan. Adjustments in FC (profile setups, histogram sliders, curves etc.) affect the image file only when outputting (Saving) the image from within FlexColor to TIFF, leaving the original unaltered (except for additional metadata). Is this true across the board? Do ANY settings alter the output of the original 3f itself? Do any FC settings alter what I see when I open the original 3f in Photoshop?

    I ask because when you click 3f to scan, the ensuing popup window asks you to set the following variables: Film Type, Setup (i.e. profile), Auto levels etc. If nothing affects the 3f then why ask to make these settings before the 3f scan?

    And what about sharpness setting? Does setting a sharpness amount (or turning it off by entering a value of -120) affect the original 3f scan, or simply the "Saved" to TIFF file?

    Any clarification here would be appreciated.

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    Re: Scanning with Imacon: FlexColor 3f File Question: Knowledgable Users Out There?

    you can never change the actual 3F file i believe, only save the changes you make or versions as you say of the file before saving as a .Tiff they will be stored with the file for future reference - plenty of tutorials on youtube but mainly for later models I have ver. 4.8.9 flexcolor it only wants to know or you need to input the film type - positive colour negative or B/W negative i have a later model scanner and FC has auto frame recognition so no need to input the holder or pretty much anything else - apparently -120 is zero sharpness but i have never gone that far south i normally get to -45 / -25 and stop depending on the film etc. when saving to .tiff - i use flexcolor to fine tune the 3f file get it as right as i can - every file is different i am a film collector not a shooter and it goes from over exposed to way under exposed - flexcolor seems to cope with just about anything especially the curves tool - pretty good - I very rarely use it in normal preview and scan mode although i have tried to wet mount a few dodgy negs even then 3F is the easiest way to go. Another site with earlier scanner info

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