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Thread: MIDO mystery

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    MIDO mystery

    As a MIDO film holder user/lover, I know that they made at least three types/versions/variations of 4x5" holders. I just noticed an auction for MIDO 4x10" holders!!! Those are of no use to me, but it begs the question -- What SIZE holders did MIDO make? Anyone know????

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    Re: MIDO mystery

    I have had their 4x5 version 1, 4x10 and 8x10's in version 2, so at least in those formats.

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    Re: MIDO mystery

    I have a set of Mido II 4X5 holders which I haven't used in a long time. Sold off my Mido first version, which I never did figure out. But I do know the II version was also made in 5X7 as well as 8X10. He also took custom orders, it seems.

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