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Thread: Midwest Large Format Asylum Print Show January 27th

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    Re: Midwest Large Format Asylum Print Show January 27th

    Hard as it is to believe, these things just get better and better every year. Tremendous inspiration to get off your duff and expose some film! I can't imagine horsing a 20x24 camera around but the contact prints were beautiful. Just when you think you've known someone for ten or twenty years they break away into completely new and completely gorgeous directions! It's new and different every year and this has become one of my "gotta go" events of the year.

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    Re: Midwest Large Format Asylum Print Show January 27th

    Quote Originally Posted by rcjtapio View Post
    The Midwest Large Format Asylum will hold its 11th annual portfolio print show on, what we call "Inspiration Saturday," January 27th at the Best Western Indian Oak hotel in Chesterton, Indiana. We will start at about 9 am, depending on weather & will go all day. We average about 15 to 20 portfolios. We light for about 20 prints. Each photographer shows their portfolio one at a time & can comment or answer questions afterward. There is no judging....just looking & enjoying. Order of showing is determined by drawing numbers from a hat. Lunch is catered in. All skill levels are welcome. The only rule is that the images you show were made with a LF camera. This is a free event. Many photographers stay Friday and/or Saturday night and enjoy the company of other large format shooters after at dinner and breakfast. You can find more information on our website ( or on our Facebook page (you will need to ask to be accepted). Hope you consider putting a stack of prints together & join us for a very exhausting, but inspiring day.

    Rick Tapio
    Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. This is the most friendly and receptive of all the photogroups I have attended, especially to new people.

    Francis Fullam

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