I was finally inspired by Nodda Duma to shoot a Kodak 5X7 glass plate today. Undated sealed box NOS. at least 75, maybe 100 years old.

I tried before with 1/4 plate NOS but way underexposed and gave up. Today I decided to overexpose if anything. I figure I am 5 stops over. The glass plate is very dark and dense. A flashlight shows what is there. Developed in 1/10 Rodinal 5 minutes in dark. Water stop. TF5 stop in dark 5 minutes. Short wash, I couldn't wait. Copied on a Light table with iPhone. Light bleed obvious from lamp lower left. It's a hot corner. 4 studio flash used and I succeded in hiding a black C-Stand holding up the hat with white Gaff tape. Another first for me.

So pics. We have #1 raw including Light table light bleed. #2 Invert with pinholes. #3 Kodak box.

I was given these boxes of NOS sealed boxes a few year ago, by an LFPF member. Thank you, Dr Whole Plate! I still have that special flashbulb.

Subject my favorite Stetson made in USA. More soon.

Kodak 5x7 Plate 1 raw on light table iPhone by moe.randy, on Flickr

Hat Kodak Plate 5X7 #1pos invert by moe.randy, on Flickr

5 by moe.randy, on Flickr