I added a couple of Arca Swiss adapters to the flat top plate on the Majestic tripod. I have the plates on pretty much everything up to 5 x 7. On the wood bodies cameras I use the plates made for the Mamiya 645/RB6 and it's a simple matter to put a couple of small holes in the wood base.
The problem witn using most adapters on a tripod with a flat top is that they adapters open and close with a knob but no way to get your fingers in between the camera bed and the top plate to twist the knob. So I use two of the Kessler Crane adapters that operate with a locking lever.

Reason for two is that some camera plates attach "side to side" and others "fore to aft"

Anyhow, here's how the setup looks. So far it's working well.

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