Well, I'm getting everything ready to start shooting wet plate with my 4x5. I have the plates ordered as well as the silver bath tank and I'm in the process of ordering all the chemicals.

That left one last thing to do, to get a wet plate holder. I was thinking on just modifying one of my film holders, but then I remembered I had a few Graflex film pack holders lying around.

After a few minutes of design work, I now have an adapter that will just fit inside the graflex 1234 pack film holder. It is printing right now and I should be able to test fit and function in about an hour.

Here's a couple renders of the simple adapter. I am printing it in PETG so I should have no problems with reactions to the emulsion.

Graflex 1234 Wet Plate Adapter_2017-Dec-30_09-14-13PM-000_HOME_jpeg by Andrew Marjama, on Flickr

Graflex 1234 Wet Plate Adapter_2017-Dec-30_09-15-33PM-000_TOP_jpeg by Andrew Marjama, on Flickr