There is an automated script that promotes new members at the end of the 30-day probationary period. Like all computer programs, it is picky - down to the hour:minute the person joined. Occasionally, the script gets interrupted, however, and doesn't complete the process properly. The best way to check this is to use the "Contact us" link at the bottom of any page to send a note to the moderators.

Also, the default presentation of the forum is the "Unified View" - the results of a predefined search showing recent posts that you have not read/seen from most sub-forums. To get to the For-Sale section, you need to go to the real forum index by clicking on the forum logo at the upper left, or the "Forum" button in the middle of the navigation bar. Once there, you'll see a listing of the topic areas. Scroll down to the "Community" section, where you'll find the For-Sale sub-forum. Click on the title to enter the sub-forum.