Here's the setup that does me right: Printing from Lightroom on Arista-II Fine Art Natural paper, Epson 3800 set on ABW with the toning set to 15-15 and normal darkness. Using this I get very pleasing (to me, at least) slightly warm-toned prints. Many of my images aren't high contrast, so I'm shooting for a sort of platinum looking print. Frederick Evens is my man!

So now I need (for reasons I won't bore you with) to try to achieve roughly the same toning using Epson Enhanced Matte paper and without ABW (so I need color managed by Lightroom rather than the print driver). I've tried the Lightroom toning and just can't get anything I like - I either get something too red, or in the other direction on the hue slider, too greenish. I have some old obscure software called Picture Window Pro that I use for spotting and one or two other things, and it has the ability of putting a color filter over the image, and I've tried that to little avail. I'm open to suggestions.