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Thread: Fresh dry plates in a variety of sizes

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    Re: Fresh dry plates in a variety of sizes

    I'm pleased to announce that Bostick & Sullivan will very soon be stocking J. Lane Dry Plates!

    So when you buy your bulk chemicals to roll like your 19th Century photographic ancestors, add a box of period-correct dry plates as well!

    They will stock them in 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10. Of course, if you need any other size just ask me!

    Newly made large format dry plates available! Look:
    .. because my wife is happy when I can cover my photography expenses!

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    Re: Fresh dry plates in a variety of sizes

    001 by Nokton48, on Flickr

    I have fifty + Plaubel 6.5x9cm holders, which I use with my Makiflex and old Plaubel Makina cameras. I have plenty of sheet film in the freezer.

    I just ordered 30 6.5x9cm glass plates to play with. I have a new lens that is F2 only, these will be perfect to test it!
    - Sinar Norma User

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