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Thread: F-Stop timer test strip problem

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    Re: F-Stop timer test strip problem

    Hi all, After speaking to Keith Pitman it would appear that all my problems are stemming from the fact that my timer is, in fact, defective. It is not doing what it is supposed to. Looks like I will now have to be in correspondence with RH Designs to sort out the issue. Thanks to all for their contributions.

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    Re: F-Stop timer test strip problem

    Problem solved. There is nothing wrong with the timer. It has been my own stupidity all along, however, in my defense, nobody else caught on to the solution either.

    Seems there is a User Option mode built into the timer and when you go into the menu and select Test Strip there are two options that can be toggled. The first is INC for incremental test strip exposures and the second is SEP for separate test strip exposures. In INC mode when the base exposure is 2.83 seconds and the expose button is pushed, the display counts down the time and when it is completed, the time of the next exposure briefly flashes and is replaced by the increment of time that is being added to the base exposure. In this case it would be .53sec. (2.83+.53=3.36). Now I understand what photog-ed and Keith Pitman were telling me when they were describing the sequence of exposure. By the time I got to the fourth increment, had I been in this mode, the accumulated time would have been 5.66 seconds of exposure.

    Alas, I was not in this mode. For whatever reason I was in SEP mode. In this mode whatever time is set in the display is the exact time that the test strip will get. There are no increments. With the first push of the button there is an exposure of 2.83 seconds. After counting down the display changes to 3.36 seconds, there is no secondary incremental display. When you push the second time the exposure is for the full 3.36 seconds, that is why when I got to the fourth exposure above base the test strip had received a total of 20.61 seconds of exposure and not 5.66.

    Again, thanks to all who have contributed to this thread.

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