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1. We don't know he bought it with his own money
2. A review isn't independent b/c you bought it with your own money
3. Recouping your investment isn't selling something at twice the going rate.
1. True. But the camera was not given to him by the company.
2. Unless Intrepid asked him to do this review (which is possible) then it would be independent. Of course someone else could have purchased the camera and then given it to him to do the review.
3. Since he is re-selling the camera I would suspect that (1) he did buy it with his own money and (2) it wasn't purchased for him by someone else. Exactly how much he sells the camera for is immaterial as long as it is for more than he paid for the camera and shipping. Since you confirm he is selling for more than the camera cost then I would expect he will recoup his investment. Yes?

Irregardless, I personally thought it was a decent review of the camera. My reasons?

1. He did not just gush all over it like some addled fanboy.
2. Neither did he completely trash it.
3. He provided good points to consider for anyone interested in buying one.
4. This was not a comparison between different cameras so we don't know whether or not the points brought up would affect all cameras of this type.
5. He contacted the manufacturer when he found potential problems, giving them an opportunity to correct those issues.
6. When they corrected the problem he promptly gave credit.