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Thread: G-Claron 240 front cell stuck

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    G-Claron 240 front cell stuck

    I purchased a G-Claron 240 to use as a light weight taking lens with a spare Copal 1 shutter and have problems separating the front cell from the threaded brass insert that screws into the original housing of the Claron. The front cell is firmly stuck to that brass insert.

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    I tried to unscrew it manually with some aritifical friction (nitrile gloves and electrical tape around the front rim of the cell) but it didn't work. I am afraid I might damage something with too much force. The brass insert has to small holes to fit it a pointed tool, but they are not accessible as the front cell is in the way.

    Maybe the cell is glued in. What do you suggest? Heat ... solvent?

    I obviously want to minimze chances of damaging the lens.


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    Re: G-Claron 240 front cell stuck

    heat will help. Clean off the grease (?) on there. Use a pair of opposing strap wrenches - that should work.

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