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Thread: Problems with film developed with SP-445 tanks

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    Re: Problems with film developed with SP-445 tanks

    With this many issues i am going to suggest it is due to inconsistent technique with camera and/or processing. I'm going to assume you are using quality film and fresh chemistry.

    First go into a dark room and put a flashlight inside your camera and look for light leaks around bellows, lensboard, and film holder (with holder in place and while removing/inserting darkslide). test all your holders and lens boards.

    Second, Write down all the details and steps from Image capture through printing.
    Load Film Holders in Darkness (no light anywhere)
    Camera, film, film EI used, lens, bellows extension, fstop, exposure time, subject brightness range (stops/EVs);
    Tank loading - Tank Dry? any light anywhere? any issues loading, top on tight.
    DEVELOPMENT presoak time, presoak temperature, developer, developer dilution, volume (475mls), developer Time, temperature, agitation, room temperature
    , stop, stop volume, stop time, stop temperature
    , fixer, fixer volume, fixer dilution, fixer time, fixer temperature, wash time, wash temperature.
    Measure your volumes after processing to make sure you did not lose any developer/fixer while agitating.
    SCAN or PRINT write down all variables.

    Third go to a nearby location and shoot a test subject with a normal lens 150-200mm, take 3-4 shots at same aperture/time being careful when inserting holder to make sure it is seated properly and when removing inserting the slide.
    Process only 1 sheet adhering strictly to your steps. Process second sheet and third sheet together (assuming your developer dilution is adequate for 2 sheets).
    Possibly repeat test with your wide angle lens to see if it exhibits the center brightness issues, though you might be able to tell that on just the ground glass by pointing camera at white card and spot metering the edges vs center.

    If you were careful and consistent these 3 negatives should be nearly identical.
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    Re: Problems with film developed with SP-445 tanks

    I have read this article now.
    Thank you for your comment and advice.
    I'll check what you pointed out.
    Thank you again!

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    Re: Problems with film developed with SP-445 tanks

    It was because of the light leaks of the rear standard.
    I sent my 45N-2 to China last week, and they repaired it and sent it to me.
    Chamonix's customer support is amazing!
    Thank you all for your interest in this issue.
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