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Thread: Any Tips On Photographing From Overhead With A 4x5

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    Re: Any Tips On Photographing From Overhead With A 4x5

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Bedo View Post
    I have used a mirror on the front of the taking lens; a Spiratone "Circo-Mirro-Tach". Gotit off e-Bay years ago.

    Used it on a 4x5 Zone VI with 210mm lens. Wider lenses show the inside of the mirror mount. No exposure compensation is required for the mirror.

    In use, the image size is controlled by bellows extension, while focus must be don by lowering and raising the whole camera using a geared center column tripod.

    This worked qwell enough. The difficulties come from getting enough height over the subject and focusing with the tripod.

    Go for it.
    With the front mounted 45 degree mirror set up described above, the camera is horizontal and level. Everything is as stable as when shooting normally. A true90 degree or vertical perspective is possible. This is a shallow bow2l ~9" across in windowlight shot with a 210mm lens and mirror from maybe 2-3 feet (don't recall exactly.
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    There are only three types of mounting flanges; too big, too small and wrong thread!

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