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Thread: Source of hot water

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    Re: Source of hot water

    If you have electric available, it would be better to install a dedicated water heater. You can put a single cold filter ahead of it, you can switch it off when not needed, and you won't have to wait for the hot water 22 meters away from the darkroom to reach you!
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    Re: Source of hot water

    Quote Originally Posted by mpirie View Post
    It is an option Jac.

    I plumbed in the cold water supply from the house mains, so i could do the same with the hot supply.

    Distance is only some 22m from the house to the darkroom.

    Mike, that is certainly an acceptable distance considering the modest temperatures we must sustain. I have the same. Wrapping the pipes with common foam pipe insulation held in place with tie wraps works very well, is cost effective and is so easy to do yourself. If your climate is so cold that it does not quite meet your needs (I would be surprised), then an inexpensive in-line booster heater is adequate.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Source of hot water

    If you could tolerate 25C/77F (or stop once the water is up to temp), you could try an Anova sous vide immersion heater. Insanely good temperature regulation, and you can cook the best steaks ever... Edit: the Sansaire goes much lower (though none of them cool water, of course).

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