It has been kinda nice developing 120 film at my kitchen sink while watching the rain and the wind outside. We have gotten a couple inches the last day or two...more on the way. Tomorrow might be nice photographically (cloudy, low wind, but no rain), so that might be a nice day to take the 8x10 and/or 11x14 out into the redwoods.

But today, maybe I'll wander with the Veriwide100 down along the river as there is a break in the rain. This evening when my bathroom is light-tight, I'll load up the last 3 rolls of 120 film I have backlogged (plus any from today) -- and might as well load up a 3005 drum with a few 8x10 sheets of exposed film that I have around. Develop tonight or on the next boring rainy day.

Bored? -- try something new that will feed into the work one usually does. I have been making contact prints (platinum/palladium) from 120 negatives, mostly 2.25" square, but have been working with 2.25"x3.5" negs lately, too. Working small takes a different way of seeing than larger formats. A challenge.

Maybe that is the difference between a hobbiest and an artist. When an artist gets bored s/he picks up the tools and gets busy. When a hobbiest gets bored s/he complains about it.