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Thread: OC filters in our future?

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    Re: OC filters in our future?

    I find comfort in the light of a 15 watt tungsten bulb in a Kodak beehive with OC filter.

    Not sure I would want bright red LED light. Guess I’ll change if it ever becomes unsafe.

    Otherwise it’s quite peaceful working under dim light.

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    Re: OC filters in our future?

    Here's how I settle this...Kodak OC 5.5 round filters are now $92 each new...the red LED's are $2.95 each So, I could buy 31 of the LED's for the price of the OC filter and they last nearly forever and don't put out any heat.

    Seems fairly simple to me.

    However, if they come out with a LED that is putting out OC light without the blue/green leakage and is fairly priced...I'd be very interested.

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    Eric Woodbury
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    Re: OC filters in our future?

    Amber LED lamp. 550 to 630 nm. 48 lumens.

    OC filter starts to 'turn-on' near 540 nm.,136,4622:
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