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Thread: Emerging from Digital (again)

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    Re: Emerging from Digital (again)

    Quote Originally Posted by chassis View Post
    Welcome back!
    Thanks! All my newly purchased gear is in transit. Kind of neat watching all the tracking info.
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    Re: Emerging from Digital (again)

    Funny how old habits don't seem to die.

    Quote Originally Posted by Two23 View Post
    I too found the consistency of digital to be a bit monotonous, and own both 4x5 and 5x7 cameras! I love that I can use lenses from any age on them.

    Kent in SD
    I never found digital consistent, on the contrary. Give me the consistency of Kodachrome and a decent very basic camera. My beef with digital is the cameras being bloody computers that need a 200 page manual to set up 4 parameters.
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