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Thread: Has anyone used a Phototherm Sidekick for 4x5?

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    Has anyone used a Phototherm Sidekick for 4x5?

    I have a SK-4G that I would like to use for some e-6 with 4x5 film. But if my understanding is correct it uses about 500ml of solution and then dumps it. If my math is correct that means i would only be getting about 25% an many sheets developed as the chemicals are good for. It does have a "save" setting, but if I'm reading the instructions correctly it only saves one chemical. Hopefully i'm wrong, because it looks like a nice unit to use.
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    Re: Has anyone used a Phototherm Sidekick for 4x5?

    I have the same unit, and I think it takes much less than 500ml, maybe 250ml? You are correct that it can save only one solution, usually the fixer. What you catch the developer at the dump line, at the end of the developer stage. I've done many 220 rolls by catching and recycle the developer. Someone here tried to come up with a less expensive alternative for E6 developer but I don't think anyone is successful at it. I will try 4x5 film in my SK4G if I can ever find the 4x5 Phototherm film insert.

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    Re: Has anyone used a Phototherm Sidekick for 4x5?

    On the 4-sheet setting it uses about 405ml I believe. I use mine for 4x5 all the time, it works great. Yes, it saves one chemical at a time, out the "save" tube. I use that for bleach in the C41 process.

    As mentioned you can manually catch stuff from the dump tube if you want, it's more complicated, but could be more economical?

    The 4x5 holders work well, I have 3 of them (got lucky and found 2 on ebay), the most recent ones are slightly different than the older ones but you can modify the older ones to match the newer ones (which is a process I will undertake soon).

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