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Thread: Omega power source compatibility?

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    Omega power source compatibility?

    Hey all,

    I have an Chromega D Dichroic II head, but when I acquired it the power supply could not be located. I found a power supply for a Chromega B, would it work do you think? The reason I ask is because the price is very attractive ($25).



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    Re: Omega power source compatibility?

    "B" is a 35mm enlarger. Might work if you use a 27v 75W lamp. You might have to rig up something to power the "D" fan, however.

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    Re: Omega power source compatibility?

    I can build a power supply if necessary, no big deal. Just wondering if anybody knows.

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    Re: Omega power source compatibility?

    Power supplies for the Chromega D heads turn up on eBay every now and then. Keep an eye out.


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    Re: Omega power source compatibility?

    Yeah, eBay is where I found this one. Looking at this enlarger (I paid $200 for it), it is hard to see how the price tag of a new one would have been justified. I mean, it's well made and all that, but this is not a particularly complex machine, nor is it a precision instrument. A new engine for my truck has a price comparable to what this enlarger listed for when new. And Beseler 23' s sell for OMG prices new, and there just isnt that much to an enlarger to cause one to be so expensive. I can't complain about the state of the used film equipment market, tho' ��������

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