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Thread: Two 6x17 negs on one 5x7 neg.

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    Two 6x17 negs on one 5x7 neg.

    25 years ago I got hooked on the panoramic format, mainly 6x17 size.
    I began by trimming down full size 5x7s.
    It didn't take long to see the advantage of putting two 6x17s on one 5x7.
    Here's how I did it....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    More information here...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails BR 446. 2x 5x7 neg.jpg  

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    Re: Two 6x17 negs on one 5x7 neg.

    Very interesting design, Reinhold! But why did you make that decision? I shoot two panoramas on one 4x5 sheet simply by raising and lowering the objective board and inserting a specially made half-slide to prevent double exposure. I think that you are well aware of this old method, but decided to make a special camera. Why?

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    Re: Two 6x17 negs on one 5x7 neg.

    Good looking camera and approach! I like the markings on the GG, too. Ever do any verticals?

    Even though I use a modified darkslide, flipping the film back for the second image is also how I work. Movable inner septums seems to be a good way to go.
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    Re: Two 6x17 negs on one 5x7 neg.

    Great idea and results! You have me thinking of how I can adapt the 57 Deardorf.

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