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Thread: Levels of Success - High End Art

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    Re: Levels of Success - High End Art

    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Moe View Post
    I can say I saw and heard Jimi live in Chicago. The Soft Machine played first and put me to sleep. Then we waited at least an hour for Jimi. Finally, 2 guys fireman carried him on stage. The 2 guys held him up, strapped his guitar on and placed his hands in the correct places. The guys left, Jimi just stood there for a while. Then he started playing very slowly and quietly.

    The audience was silent. Jimi sped up and in 20 minutes he was 'Electric'! I figure the guys gave him coke or speed. It was 1968, in the fantasic Auditorium Theater, built in 1889 shuttered in 1941 had just reopened. i love going there. The last thing I saw was ballet in box seats.

    I never forget Jimi Hendrix.
    I'm envious, Randy. Jimi died a month before I turned 9 years old so I was too young to see him. I've got DVD's of him playing though. It's the best I can do but I would have loved to have seen him live.

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    Re: Levels of Success - High End Art

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Fitzgerald View Post
    Merg, thanks for posting this link. It is a very interesting article.
    Most welcome, Jim. Gallery promotion can be important to future success. I was recently looking at the catalogue from a 1961 exhibition in Boston. The selection jury included Minor White and Walter Chappell. Twenty-five photographers were chosen. Of interest were the print prices at that time: Paul Caponigro and Carl Chiarenza set the upper limit at $75 and $80 respectively. Jerry Uelsmann and mine were at $15, and Ralph Meatyard at $25. Paul and Carl had gallery representation at Siembab Gallery, the other three had none. This is where it sometimes starts for those few who go on to fame and fortune in the art world; gallery representation. Of course, not always.

    Contrast these prices to those of seven years later (1968); an Ansel Adams 11x14 print for $100, or a Brett Weston print of Garrapata Beach for $40. Neither had gallery affiliation at the time.

    This is a bit of history, and only offered as such. However, it is fascinating to observe the photography market as it has progressed. Edward Weston, who died in 1958 with three-hundred dollars in the bank, has had prints selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction.

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    Re: Levels of Success - High End Art

    Merg, you have been there and know what it takes. I'm searching for the right path and your experience and the stories in your wonderful book are very helpful and inspirational. Thanks for what you give to the photographic community.

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    Re: Levels of Success - High End Art

    I firmly believe in, 'Artists’ Residual Rights for Sale of Artwork: California’s Resale Royalties Act'.

    Artists lose and speculators win way too often.

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    Re: Levels of Success - High End Art

    OTOH, while it takes an artist to consistently create fine art, it often takes a speculator or competent gallery to make him famous.

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