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Thread: QT Luong email today

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    QT Luong email today

    Most likely we all received an email from QT today.

    I was excited to see his North Woods National Forest documentation with a guide.

    This is where I spent some of my childhood. I am very fond of the North Woods.

    I was unaware of his blog,

    Very timely info as I am considering a Summer 2018 return to the land of Gitche Gumee.

    The Song of Hiawatha,

    You do know why it does not give up the dead...

    Thank you QT Luong

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    Re: QT Luong email today

    Something to do with the SS Edmund Fitzgerald?

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    Re: QT Luong email today

    the gitche gummi is cold, cold cold.... supposedly bacteria doesn't live it such cold water, bodies don't decay... they sink rather than rise to the surface!

    Who said rock music was a waste! because of gordon lightfoot's ballad, we had to learn why the gitche gummi never gives up it's dead!

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    Re: QT Luong email today

    Never got the email, but always happy to hear about Canadian legend, Gordon Lightfoot!

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    Re: QT Luong email today

    I absolutely do not send my email newletter to everybody on the forum!

    To receive it, you have to sign up for it (here:

    By the way, here is the November issue to which Randy was referring to:

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