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Thread: Sequences (Online / Book Form) Mixing Format Ratios

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    Sequences (Online / Book Form) Mixing Format Ratios

    I was wondering if people wanted to share their websites / books / links etc etc etc as it relates to mixing format ratios in a single project.

    I have done this before but always walk away with mixed emotions. Specifically, mixing the 4x5 ratio with square images.

    I'd love to see some examples.

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    Re: Sequences (Online / Book Form) Mixing Format Ratios

    Take a look at two books.

    HIGH PLAINS FARM, by Paula Chamlee.

    THIS LAND, An American Portrait by Jack Spencer.

    They both mix different size prints. Some different formats. Paula Chamlee's are 5x7 and 8x10. Jack Spencer is a mix with most done digitally.

    In both cases the images work well together no matter the format.
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