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Thread: Scitex Eversmart Calibration Slide

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    Re: Scitex Eversmart Calibration Slide

    White spots are not scanner problem but related to development process. If you scan 35mm positives on frames be sure that you choose "Type: Framed" because that makes scanner to autofocus. By default scanner is focusing on level it found best when you calibrated scanner. Also I suggest you always scan rgb and set manually white and black point. If possible you can also use some near neutral looking gray point to balance picture. Then you can do more adjusting. You should google for Oxygen manual if you are not having printed one and read at least relevant parts.

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    Re: Scitex Eversmart Calibration Slide

    Hey everyone!

    Could somebody tell me how the calibration process is done? So far I only found the "icon" that says "EverSmart (Pro) Calibration", and when I click on it, a window pops up with all kinds of "data" and buttons to press. I couldn't find anything in the manuals so I am wondering if someone here could tell me what to look for.

    Also, I was also wondering if the calibration slide I have is the right one?

    Click image for larger version. 

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