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Thread: Linhoff: Please identify

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    Linhoff: Please identify

    Greetings, new to this forum and 4x5 photography (mainly a 35mm and med. format shooter). A relative is going to give me this machine and sent a photo of it. Wondering if anyone has an idea of what it is. Thanks for your expertise!Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Linhoff: Please identify

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    Re: Linhoff: Please identify

    It looks similar to a Perka 9x12, sometimes badged as Silar (proto-Linhof). There are a few variants with small differences. 9x12cm is a metric format slightly smaller than 4x5. Film is available, though you'll need to find the correct holders and film sheaths (septums) if they don't come with the camera.

    If you can find one, there are RADA 120 backs that fit this camera. With a rotating back and removable lensboards it's quite a handy camera.

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    Re: Linhoff: Please identify

    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Mac View Post
    Wonderful. Thank you so much!

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    Re: Linhoff: Please identify

    Now that I've received the camera, I think you're right about the Perka/Silar model (after a little research). I was also given about 5 film sheaths, so I'm hoping to get it up and running! Will post some photos of it in the pre-WWII thread. Thanks for all your help!

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