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Thread: keeping the paper flat....

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    Re: keeping the paper flat....

    Reads as if you are not letting the negative heat up enough. Keep warming it until the focus is stable, then cap the lens with the light still heating the negative (or swing the red filter in place), place the paper and set the timer. Uncap the lens (or swing the red filter out) and start the timer.

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    Re: keeping the paper flat....

    Paper flatness is remarkably irrelevant in making typical enlargements. For example paper can be as much as an inch (!) out of flat when enlarging 35mm to 16x20 and it makes no difference to sharpness. Negative flatness is, on the other hand, super-critical and ic-racer is probably on the money about the negative "popping" in reaction to heat from the enlarger.
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    Re: keeping the paper flat....

    any ideas?

    (Not a fix but a different approach).
    >The silly paper thickness. Change your paper source. Other manufacturers made papers that simply remain flatter.
    >Use your paper. Looks like some papers get worst along the time, so don`t let it grow inside the box (humidity?). Buy smaller batches, better envelops instead of boxes. Keep them flattened under weight.

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    Re: keeping the paper flat....

    Quote Originally Posted by dave4242 View Post
    hey all,
    i seem to be having an issue with keeping my ilford warm tone fiber flat on the easel.
    any ideas?
    using a saunders 4 blade easel and a lpl 4550 enlarger
    To have paper perfectly flat, I place a 10mm thick glass on the bed, I spray on it some 3M Re Mount glue. IMHO I gets as flat as if it was in a vacuum table. I used that to test enlarger alignment...

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