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Thread: What camera to bring?

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    Re: What camera to bring?

    Usually perfect light and weather for LF, but the towns/cities you mention are very busy at periods! For just town work, I would use a TLR like Mamiya or Rollie. People are much more relaxed about their religion than in the "dark ages", but there is more activity in and around churches than their Anglican equivalents.

    Barcelona is quite definitely the most dangerous place in Europe for petty street crime and trickery - this may apply to the other cities, as well. Not physical danger, though - just loss of wallets and property - and personal dignity. There are dozens of scenarios, some for busy streets and others for public transport and tourists walking alone. The current popular methods can be researched before you travel.
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    Re: What camera to bring?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo Zhang View Post

    Are you in Spain right now? We are planning to go Madrid in 10-12 days and I will keep in touch with you via email. Only two days in Madrid so not too much time shooting. Maybe we can have a drink?


    Yes I am leaning to Saber with a monopod. Graflex Super-D is too heavy.


    I don't have a Pentax and have not touched my Hasselblad for years.

    Traveling right now but will be back in Madrid Nov 20. Best Angus

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