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Thread: Ebay - lenses from Japan

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    Re: Ebay - lenses from Japan

    bought a 300mm Nikkor M earlier this year. better price, including shipping, than on this forum. seller had high # transactions and high buyer satisfaction. was an excellent experience. i am a small sample size.....
    Peter Collins

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    Re: Ebay - lenses from Japan

    I’ve bought a few lenses from Japan and have been satisfied with each transaction. I’ve found that most of the “descriptions” are useless. Sometimes the seller clearly does not know what he is selling. Pay attention to the seller’s feedback and review the pictures carefully. Take your time in shopping—there are a lot of lenses for sale from Japan. I have found after sale follow-through to be very good.
    Keith Pitman

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    Re: Ebay - lenses from Japan

    Quote Originally Posted by Two23 View Post
    I've bought several items of camera gear from Japan. Each item was nearly perfect and the price was great. I think there are a lot of photo gear collectors there who are getting older and are downsizing their collections with few local buyers. There is no "duty" for items coming into U.S. Sellers from Japan are now my most preferred.

    Kent in SD
    Honesty is a national trait with the Japanese and they take great pride in presenting their sales items well.
    Service is always excellent.

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    Re: Ebay - lenses from Japan

    As everyone else seems to say, no problem buying from Japan. They usually send by EMS through Japan Post. Our friends in Japan often send us stuff that way as well. It's surprising how cheap it is to send stuff to the US from Asia compared to how expensive it is in the other direction.

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    Re: Ebay - lenses from Japan

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    All, is there any reason to not buy the fuji lenses coming from Japan on ebay? Does anyone know what the import charges would be?
    According to a few forums i've been on it sounds like if less than $2000 and a legal item it should not cost anything.

    Im looking for at this fuji 135 CMW 5.6

    thanks -
    The description of that item says it has mold in the optics that would explain its low price.

    Otherwise, yes japanese sellers are very honest, reliable and the prices are good.

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    Re: Ebay - lenses from Japan

    Thanks everyone, i pulled the trigger on a beautiful Fuji 125 CMW 5.6.

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    Re: Ebay - lenses from Japan

    I've bought lenses and camera systems from Japanese dealers. I've generally found that they really underrate the quality of their merchandise. Their "good" condition would be between "excellent" and "mint" over here.

    A year ago, I bought a complete Mamiya 645 Pro TL, 2 lenses, 3 film backs, extension tubes, power drive, AE prism, for just over $500, including shipping. The dealer described the equipment as "good". When it arrived, it looked as though it just came out of the original boxes. It's worked perfectly.

    The Japanese remind me a bit of KEH, who underrates their gear.

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    Re: Ebay - lenses from Japan

    I intend no offense to anyone but, IMO, we could learn much from societies like the Japanese. Honor, integrity, honesty. Of course they, as do we all, have their faults too.

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    Re: Ebay - lenses from Japan

    I have bought quite a bit from Japan, and have never been unhappy with what I got. Many times the items have arrived faster than they would have had I bought them in the US, which I don't understand. The descriptions have always been excessively safe, and of course you need to look at the photos of the object carefully.

    I wish I had known from the start about the extra-size covering power of the inside-letter Fuji LF lenses. Instead, I have an unfortunate quantity of doubles in focal lengths--other lenses, then the Fujis I bought later. I have absolutely no disappointment with any of the single-coated early Fuji lenses. And their prices from Japan are excellent!
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    Re: Ebay - lenses from Japan

    During 3 business trips over the years to the Yokohama area, and one vacation of 2+ weeks with my wife across several cities and parts of Japan, I saw hundreds and hundreds of bicycles being used and parked wherever. But I never saw a bicycle lock!
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