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Thread: Lightroom or alternative

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    Re: Lightroom or alternative

    Quote Originally Posted by bob carnie View Post
    I am in the process of Learning Capture One as a lot of my clients are using Phase, and from what I understand the software would be interesting for me as it separates the Luminance Channel from the colour channels, I have been working with LAB for over 12 years now so I think I am going to give this program a run for its money.

    I do a lot of BW conversions, BW Separations and a lot of channel mixing to make negatives so my goal is to see how Capture One can work seamlessly with PhotoShop. I absolutely hate Lightroom and from what I am being told Capture One is much better to do the things that I do with Lightroom.
    Take a look at Richard Boutwell’s site

    He uses Capture One for BW conversions. Also a friendly guy.

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    Re: Lightroom or alternative

    Possible list of alternatives, and one person's experience:
    stawastawa at gmail

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