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Thread: Disturbing copies

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    Re: Disturbing copies

    Quote Originally Posted by HMG View Post
    As I recall, many bodies with the "Asahi Pentax" logo (especially those brought back by service members) had the logo covered with some sort of black tape that was heated when applied and very difficult to remove.
    Thank you. I had no idea. I got under the wire bringing two Asahi Pentax Spotmatics to the US during a short military leave in 1965. (At the time I thought it was such a cool camera.)

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    Re: Disturbing copies

    Purchasing something overseas for personal use has no relation to unauthorized import for the sake of distribution. But if the brand name was blacked out, somebody was obviously up to grey market shenanigans. Anyway, those Spotmatics were wonderfully reliable.

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    Re: Disturbing copies

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Wiley View Post
    .... But to me, a Ries is a Ries, is a Ries. There just ain't no substitute.
    ++1 why I have 4! Plus Debbie will work with you on special needs-they're just Great!!

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    Re: Disturbing copies

    Iíve bought several accessories from Chinese makers on eBay for my Profoto strobes. They make no attempt to hide their own brand names. $50 for a honeycomb grid is much better than Profotoís $135. 10/10, would purchase again.

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