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Thread: New poll -- presoaking

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    Re: New poll -- presoaking

    • Do you pre-soak your film? = Always - No matter what film it is
    • In what? = Cold Tap Water
    • At what temp? = As Cold As It Gets. I let the cold water run for 1 min, then fill the tank/tube/tray.
    • How long? = 10 min pre-soak ALWAYS

    I always get the same great results for over 30 years.
    Pair of Gloves (Nitrile / Latex / Rubber)
    10 min pre-soak (after 5 min pour out water refill soak another 5 more min)
    XTOL 1:1 68 (Before XTOL I used other Kodak Developers)
    3 min Stop Bath
    10 or 20 min Fixer depends on the age of the fixer and film
    2 min hand wash cold soapy water
    2 min hand wash cold water with a little windex window cleaner (original formula)
    1 min cold water rinse
    Hang to dry
    No spots no scratches, rarely any dust.
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    Re: New poll -- presoaking

    Valdomar, what is your recipe for "cold soapy water" wash? I'm interested to try that.

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    Re: New poll -- presoaking

    Presoak with filtered tap water at the same temperature as developer.

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    Re: New poll -- presoaking

    used to presoak sheets but not any more unless I'm processing 7x17 in a long tube, at which point I will presoak for a minute or two.
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    Re: New poll -- presoaking

    I use a Jobo and usually pre-soak unless I forget.

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    Re: New poll -- presoaking

    I pre-soak only C-41 process. Never any of my BW.

    I can't find anything to show that presoaking harms anything, but I can find plenty to show that it's unnecessary for any of today's BW films.


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