Hi guys,
It's my first post on this forum and I'm quite new to large format.

I was wondering, to keep it short, what would be the difference between using 4x5" negative paper compared to B&W film in a large format camera? In terms of scanning, would the paper scan well at, lets say 2400 dpi, or would it be too grainy?

The examples to work with:
Let's say I use Ilford RC 4x5" Glossy Paper, printed from HP5, or the paper exposed directly in camera and scanned as a negative.

Most of what I found online is people saying the paper is too slow (ISO 1, 3 or 6) but I don't mind that.
Also, I don't have a LF scanner, so I'm thinking of contact printing my 4x5 negatives on paper and scan the paper with the flatbed scanner I already have. Will I still get quality at 2400 dpi for example or would it just be a waste of time?

I am really curious what your experience is and hope me asking this question helps others as well.