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Thread: Light Leaks? First time ever...

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    Re: Light Leaks? First time ever...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Bodine View Post
    I suspect you're right about improper loading, but there appears to be another issue as well. The first image shows on the left edge what looks like a film rail at the film's entry point - which indicates, since the image is right side up, that the holder was inserted into the film back from the bottom. This could indicate that the darkslide locks, if present, are loose and allowing the darkslide to open somewhat during handling prior to exposure; but I think it is more likely caused by loading the film under one rail but not the other rail. This would prevent proper closure of the darkslide into the flap. Both images seem to be affected by this same mishap. Also, in the second image at the top left, there is what looks like a partial shape of a pentagonal aperture opening resulting in overall lens flare (consistent with the direction of the tree's shadows). So the lens was not shaded during exposure. Both images suffer from the lens flare.
    Thanks a lot. That's very helpful.

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    Re: Light Leaks? First time ever...

    I checked my "new" changing bag, today. Like the other ones I'm seen/used it has an inner and outer cavity -- it's a bag in a bag. The outer bag has a layer of black latex/rubber on the inside, but the inner bag lacks a latex/rubber layer. It is in that outer cavity where the latex/rubber deterioration occurs. You can only examine this layer by looking through the loading end -- not the arm ends. I have no idea if other bags are constructed differently.

    But I checked my "newer" bag today, and everything looks great. Now it's time to check the oils in my car!

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    Re: Light Leaks? First time ever...

    Quote Originally Posted by GMason View Post
    Thanks a lot. That's very helpful.
    PS: One more caution - FWIW, it looks like your format may be 5x7". This is not exactly the same size as 13x18cm film (the European version). 5x7 film is a bit narrower (maybe 1/8" less) than 13x18cm, so that the 5x7 film may not engage both rails of a 13x18 holder; and 13x18cm film will buckle if inserted into a 5x7 holder. But both holders have the same external dimensions and will fit in the same back.

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    Re: Light Leaks? First time ever...

    Hah! I am new at photography and I a have similar type light leak issue. Just read the whole thread to figure out the problem. Jerry Bodine@ advice looking solid. I will try to do it myself.
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