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My definition of abuse is the individual being photographed is either too young, or is tricked, or is unaware of the images taken or is somehow coerced into being photographed. There are other bad situations but those are the highlights.
I've no argument with that definition, but more Germaine to the OP, I think, is an abusive relationship where a man has been accustomed to seeing women as a less than human "thing" a notion enforced through various media. There could be correlation between that abuse and the abuse of the man earlier being "abused" through exposure to that same causal media.
I don't know. It could be. It is a complicated subject.

One problem is that the issue is becoming another warm fuzzy indignation, like "bullying"
I'm not saying that bullying isn't a serious problem, only that it has been taken, by some, to an absurd degree. Not unlike the objectification of women, which is also a serious problem (ask anyone with a teenage daughter!) But which I can see being taken to an equally absurd degree.
Discriminating between those who have been terribly hurt (along with our terribly hurt society,) and those on a domineering power trip, seems to be a distraction of sorts, taking the public's attention away from underlying organic problems.

I ought to shut up now. I don't play well with others.