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Thread: What happened to Deardorff??

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    Re: What happened to Deardorff??

    Quote Originally Posted by dodphotography View Post
    Jeez, where to start... mismanagement and confusion on customers parts. People assumed that the brand would continue under the same type of business practice that made the brand what it is. I always read the horror stories online and it didn't quite sink in until a good friend of mine lost some serious, serious money when Barry just cheated him, plain and simple.
    Thanks for the heads up - that brings back memories of stories I read long ago about similar goings on with customers of Wisner View Cameras. It is really a shame that Deardorff has taken the low road, too.

    When I am ready to purchase, I will look for an original Deardoff on eBay.

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    Re: What happened to Deardorff??

    Quote Originally Posted by herrbarnack View Post
    I am too new to be able to access the page in Dan's link...
    If you became a member of this forum in October 2016, as your profile indicates, you should have access to everything. Contact a moderator to investigate why you don't.

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