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I second Bob's suggestion; I've been working with gelatin dry plates for a couple years now, and recently took a run at 11x14. As mentioned, it's quite freeing to be able to make any size and configuration plate you want, provided you have a way of procuring holders. I've managed to find 4x5, 5x7, 8x10, 10x12, 11x14 and whole plate (in varying condition; some repair required), but I've been thinking about making my own for odd sizes and shapes; at that point I'm just limited by my ability to cut glass...

One day I plan to meet with Denise, and see her work and ideas, I have met with Ron Morey who showed me his silver gelatin coatings , It was quite reassuring to me to know that if the manufactures go bat shit crazy and either price their coatings out of range, or even drop them altogether there are people like Denise and Ron who are indeed passing down the knowledge on how to make incredible emulsions for paper and glass.

I would be interested in making glass plate negatives , as then I can enlarge, scan, or contact to my hearts content.. I need to get out of Toronto's small business rat race, by winning the lottery and dedicate serious time to this method of making negatives.

Robert -Cutting Glass is the least of your worries I would think, any frame shop in the world cuts glass with precision every day..