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Thread: Darkbox construction ideas?

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    Re: Darkbox construction ideas?

    I haven't had a need for it, but I've often wondered if one of these would work if you lightproofed it and used changing bag sleeves instead of rubber gloves.

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    Re: Darkbox construction ideas?

    Not the prettiest thing, but... has served me for years. Made of MDF by a local shop, per my instructions - the sleeves came from a discarded changing bag, inner parts painted flat black. (8x10 holder, film box and drum are for scale)

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    Re: Darkbox construction ideas?

    Hang the changing bag in the closet. It stays dust free inside and you wouldn't need to move clothes out of the way. Or you could make the MDF version and install it in the closet.

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    Re: Darkbox construction ideas?

    Quite while ago a photographer from Canada posted about converting one of those huge, stiff Ice Hockey gear bags into a LF changing bag by adding sleeves. It might be worth doing a search for.
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