Dear all,

As we all know it is very hard to lay one's hands onto well-preserved 5x7 (and other formats) slotted holders for our bellowed Graflex cameras

So I came to an idea to try and convert modern, plastic, 5x7 holders into Slotted ones by the means of "rails" or ôslots" that I would 3D print & add to the holder. In the process I would add an embedded grove for the holder light trap instead of the extruded one present on the modern holders (which can be easily sanded down).

What i am not 100% sure is if the film plane location on both of these types of holders is on the same distance from the front face of the holder? If it is - conversion is straight forward and i will be really happy.

I know that that ANSI specification for 5x7 modern holder specification is 0.228" +/-0.010 or 5.8mm +/- tollerance.
What would be the specs for the Slotted holder if you happen to know?

I have 2 slotted holders but unfortunately because of the spring under the shittah it is very hard to measure precisely. Measurements are close to those but vary a bit, though I guess it's because of higher pressure I apply on during the measuring.

Thanks for your help!