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Thread: New FLM Tripod for LF/ULF

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    Re: New FLM Tripod for LF/ULF

    Well, mine arrived today and what a beauty it is. It came with a very nice nylon padded tripod bag (with a good sized essentials pocket) and a kit of wrenches and alternate head mounting screw. I already had a leveling head so I ordered the bare tripod. It is the 4.9 lbs as expected and stands 56 and a bit inches tall. The legs have a twist lock which I my preferred method since I started with a tiltall. The finish and fit is beautiful and consistent with the FLM tripod look. The Gitzo leveling head fits perfectly snapping in past a little spring loaded ball bearing as a safety feature.
    The leg notches maintain their position when the tripod is folded up. This is a bit different from FLM's other tripod that turn inside out in which the leg locks revert to a standard position when the legs are closed and I prefer the arrangement on the Berlin as I most often use the usual footprint.
    The feet are hefty but screw off if points are preferred. The screw threads seem unlikely to unscrew spontaneously.
    I am 6 feet tall and the height is perfect for a view camera. And for a Hasselblad and WLF. If I were to use an SLR, a ball head would bring that viewfinder up to my height.
    The leg size is comparable to my GT5532LS Gitzo 5 series and In many ways these two tripods are comparable, which is no surprise as form follows function. The head changing mechanism uses an Allen wrench instead of a built in toggle but I prefer the allen wrench; I find the toggle tricksey but you only do that once, either way. The two tripods weigh the same, the Berlin is shorter by half a foot (with an extra leg mechanism) but that is reflected in the shorter collapsed length, which makes the Berlin very handleable in comparison. If I was Six foot Six inches I would probably prefer the Gitzo, but then my hands would be that much bigger too.
    The Berlin is a really really nice tripod. Fit, finish, function all bang on. And a well done bag to boot. This is a first class product.
    I half wish I had sprung for a FLM leveling head. I had a Gitzo leveling head already on the Gitzo and I was worried that FLM was not very specific about the leveling head they were going to create from scratch. I should not have worried.
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    Re: New FLM Tripod for LF/ULF

    Great news, Bill, and thank you for telling the whole world, too; much too kind, you are.
    I'm just happy the tripod worked out as planned, and I hope to hear the same feedback from everyone else in the next few days.


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