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Thread: MWLFA Overnight Trip To Iowa Next Week

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    MWLFA Overnight Trip To Iowa Next Week

    The Midwest Large Format Asylum has planned an overnight trip to Iowa October 26th through October 29th. Details can be found in the FORUM section on the website (, or on Facebook. We plan to meet in Bellevue, Iowa (between Dubuque and Davenport), and explore Mississippi River towns on Friday Oct. 27. On Saturday, October 28th, we plan to explore the landscape & small Iowa towns along the 75 mile Grant Wood Byway, which Starts in Bellevue & ends in Anamosa. Hotel & restaurant plans (a good place to meet up) have been posted on both the website & Facebook. Anyone is welcome to join us, even for just one day as we explore eastern Iowa.

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    Re: MWLFA Overnight Trip To Iowa Next Week

    If you go by the Grant Wood American Gothic house be sure to bring you own pitchfork in case the folks who cater to tourists are not there when you are.
    I tend to procrastinate on stuff. One of these days I'll do something about it.

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