Hi all,

Since I'm in the (slooow) process of building a small darkroom, I haven't been actively contributing here. I have been following along with many topics though. The worktop and sink are ready, and I recently got a door in my little darkroom booth, so I am about ready to make things light-tight.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to acquire a De Vere 504 enlarger (thanks for the lead koraks). Since I just start printing in the darkroom, the beast is probably a bit of overkill - no less fun though. Really looking forward to put it to use. Also noticed I'm not the only one with a "new" De Vere 504.

I have two questions concerning the electronic timer that is attached to the trans stab of the enlarger.

1) Unfortunately my timer does not function. It needs to be attached for the trans stab to do its job though. Of course I can add an additional external timer, but I'd rather try to fix things. Of course I opened up the timer, and was happy to find a broken fuse. Now either the fuse was just old and broken, or there is a good reason the fuse was broken to begin with. This is typically the time for good old Murphy to drop by, and indeed after replacing the fuse I'm still out of luck. I am by no means an electrical engineer, but want to try and narrow down the problem a bit.

So my question is: anybody have a data sheet of the electronic timer available?

2) Assuming I get the timer going at some point, I'd be interested to see if I can add a foot switch as well. This is by no means necessary, but it would be nice to use the systems full potential. The original foot switch is quite pricey though (for my use anyhow), and I was thinking if a DIY solution is possible for this. The circuit seems rather simple, though the connector seems custom (or at least not familiar to me).

I was wondering if anybody tried modifying a cheap foot switch for this purpose?