Hi All

I mentioned in another thread that I've recently acquired a De Vere 504 for the darkroom. I already have a 203 with an Ilford Multigrade 500H head attached. The 504 came with both a Cathomag head, and a Dichromat head (Mark 1 I think).

My original plan was to swap the Ilford head from the 203, to the 504; and perhaps put one of the other heads on the 203. However, after a little bit of inspection this morning, I'm not quite sure the Ilford MG head will swap across to the 504 easily (and the other heads likewise to the 203, which I'm less concerned about).

So, has anyone got any experience of swapping an Ilford MG head from a 203 to a 504? The bolts in the back of the head that fit to the 203 seems to be narrower apart compared to what's required