Hi folks,

I just received a new, updated price list from London's CPS. I know some folks here were looking for cheaper OXygen software deals or parts. Check it out!

iQsmart Lamp Assemblies, Base Glass Units & Top Glass
iQsmart Transparent Lamp Assy II (SP510P3R016A): 249 GBP
iQsmart Reflective Lamp Assy II (SP510P3R017): 299 GBP
(New tubes in existing assembly, PLUS 75 GBP exchange charge, refundable)
iQsmart 3 Base Glass, 13" x 18" (SP510P1R993): 849 GBP (in very short supply)
iQsmart 1, 2 & 3 Base Glass, 12" x 18" (SP510P1R992): 499 GBP
iQsmart Top Glass (SP510P3R826): 299 GBP

iQsmart Software (Reduced from 790 GBP each)
oXYgen Scan Software (Mac), Version 2.6.4, OSX 10.6.8 (P/N SP634-00282K), cost 249 GBP
oXYgen Scan Software (Mac), Version 2.6.3, OSX 10.6.8 (P/N SP634-00282J), cost 199 GBP
oXYgen Scan Software (Mac), Version 2.6.2, OSX 10.6.8 (P/N SP634-00282H), cost 149 GBP
oXYgen Scan Software (Mac), Version 2.6.1, OSX 10.6.8 (P/N SP634-00282G), cost 99 GBP
oXYgen Scan LE Software (PC), Version 2.2.1, Windows 2000/XP (P/N SP501V3R616G), cost 149 GBP

iQsmart Calibration Slide, Slide Holders & Masks
iQsmart Calibration Slide (SP509D3E923A): 199 GBP
iQsmart 35 mm Slide Holder (SP509D3E924): 179 GBP (in very short supply)
iQsmart Mask Set (SP509D3E922): 199 GBP (in very short supply)
iQsmart Pack of 10, A3 Clear Film Sheets with Punch Holes (SP509D4E127): 139 GBP
(useful for base glass protection and oil mounting)

Oil Mounting
Oil Mounting Mask Set (509D4E122): 199 GBP (only 2 left, contains 4 User Defined and 4 Mixed)
Punched, Clear Film strips for Oil Mounting (509D4E125): 59 GBP (10 per pack, attaches Astrolin films)
Astrolin Film (A3, 297mm x 420mm): 89 GBP per 100 sheet box (on special offer).

iQsmart Boards & Electronics Box
iQsmart Galaxy Main Board Assembly (SP503-00313A): 749 GBP
iQsmart Power Supply (SP510P3R322): 499 GBP (in very short supply)
iQsmart Electronics Box Complete (SP510P3R138R): 1,399 GBP (in very hort supply, exchange price)