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Thread: Howtek 4500 - service parts and manual

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    Howtek 4500 - service parts and manual

    After months of searching I have managed to get hold of a Howtek 4500 in what appears to be really nice condition.
    I have done a couple of dry test scans of 6x7 negatives and everything seems fine.
    I do appreciate the need to keep an eye on the condition of the drive belt and drum wear pads, but is it sensible to change the PMTs, or keep some in stock, and if so how many do I need?
    If anyone has access to a service manual they could email me I would appreciate a copy; more out of interest and for regular maintenance checks than a want to strip the thing down.

    Thanks ...Sweep

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    Re: Howtek 4500 - service parts and manual

    Hi Sweep.

    I have found a lot of info on the Howteks at the Yahoo High End Scanners group. There are files within the group that hold all the manual/debugging software you will need.

    I got a few good scans out of it, then went through cleaning everything on my D4000, and am now stuck at diagnosing a board-specific error that will not let the scanner boot up.

    Feel free to email me if you need anything more specific. Info is somewhat hard to come by on these. fixcinater@gmail DOT com


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    Re: Howtek 4500 - service parts and manual

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the lead to the High End Scanner group which i have joined. In fact i think i was actually a member before i posted on here but Yahoo groups are not the easiest thing to navigate and feel very old fashioned.
    I have downloaded the service manual and a list of error codes from the site which is useful. I am running mine with Aurora which appears to work fine although sometimes i get faults part way through a long scan which is very frustrating. I put this down to either the dongle, which is running through a USB adaptor, or the SCSI cable as it is only a thin thing and not the huge diameter cable recommended.
    Scan quality is great although i have only done black and white so far.
    Oh, and everything i have scanned is at 4000ppi which might be a little overkill on 10x8 but i convince myself its for archival reasons :-)


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    Re: Howtek 4500 - service parts and manual

    Agreed on YahooGroups, terrible user interface.

    4K ppi even seems overkill on 4x5 which is the largest I go, but it is quite interesting to have that sort of detail available.

    One last lead, there are some good Howtek threads on RangeFinderForum with some mods, parts substitutions and discussions on maximizing image quality. I discovered you can run the Howtek testing program as a fault finder for intermittent errors like the one you describe, it will keep running through the tests until an error pops up (at least it works with internal to scanner or SCSI errors). May be of use.

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