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Thread: Another lab bites the dust

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    Re: Another lab bites the dust

    Quote Originally Posted by Dhuiting View Post
    I highly recommend doing it all yourself if you can buy a new Jobo (usually a new Jobo can be had for the price of jobo parts and the headache of shipping that thing somewhere to get it fixed).
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    Last time I looked a new Jobo was around $3400, if by "New" you meant fresh from the factory. Mine is probably 15 years old and it just took its first trip back to Boston to
    be repaired. I like it, but biggest problem around here is the 90 degree "cold" water in the summer. Makes me wish Ilford made XP2 in 4 x 5.

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    Re: Another lab bites the dust

    I just got my first Jobo, CPE2. I love it. Got it from a local camera shop here in Tulsa. I am very pleased with it. It needed some slight repairs, the red bezel was showing signs of fatigue and I had to glue a dowel rod into a space underneath it to strengthen where it goes from the 600ml to the tubes. Other than that minor repair. It works great. I should have invested a long time ago. I do my own B&W, C-41 and E6. 35mm and 120. I have been on the fence for a long time on going to LF. Just can't afford a camera. Processing the C-41 and E6 at home has not been that difficult. You just have to really maintain consistency with times and temp to get the best consistent results.

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